Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Cooking

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is cook. There's usually plenty of time and come Monday if I've baked too much I can take some to my Boss or even to my TA hours.
Last night while grocery shopping I decided to buy some zucchini, it's not something I usually eat but something in my brain said to get it.
Well, my brain had clearly predicted that I wanted to bake this Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe I saw while browsing the Closet Cooking blog months ago.
1.31.10 Sunday Baking
It was really tender and delicious. It had a little more cinnamon than I would have normally used, but tasty nonetheless! Not the healthiest thing, but zucchini bread isn't healthy either, ha!
By the way, do you like our place mat? We have quite a few, mostly of Mucha art, made by Caroline's aunt. :)

I also decided to go all out for dinner, making Japanese style curry and tonkatsu. It was my first time making it, but it was so easy and delicious! I've been a little homesick for Southern California lately, so it reminded me of my family's frequent visits to the Mitsuwa mall in Costa Mesa. My mother also often treated me and my brothers by making Japanese curry at home.
1.31.10 Dinner
Another great place mat, the tiger on this one is very handsome.
This curry and katsu went fast! I will probably make the curry a lot more in the future, but maybe not the katsu, since I cook with meat sparingly. Also, what do you do with all that oil when you're done frying? Since my family never did that much frying growing up, it makes me feel kind of wasteful using and throwing out so much oil.

Anyway it was such a treat and made me super happy the rest of the evening :) I feel a little silly that I consider Japanese food part of my home cooking, not really being exposed to it until I was already a teenager, but you can't help what dishes make you warm and fuzzy inside, it just happens!


  1. oh my! that looks sooo delicious!!!!!

  2. They have these oil absorbing sponges here that work pretty well. Putting it down the drain is brutal on your plumbing, but I'm not even sure how Michiyo does it.

  3. The dinner looks really tasty. How fun that you now have space to cook.
    I really didn't fry that much but I would pour the oil into a old milk carton or some kind of can after it was cool, then toss it out with the garbage. Maybe a use for the un-recyclable Trader Joe's coffee cans ?
    Place mats look really nice and the Tiger is very appropriate for this year. Yea for Caroline's aunt.
    I didn't comment about how good Caroline's cookies looked the other day. Fall and Winter makes one feel like cooking.

  4. I am totally jealous of your rockin' placemats. And yummmmm, curry. :^)