Saturday, February 6, 2010

All Creatures Great & Small

Many of you probably know that I have spent the last six months volunteering at the Oakland Zoo as an animal management apprentice. My apprenticeship officially ended Thursday, and I can definitely say it was one of the most life-changing, educational, and worthwhile experiences of my life. I am very sad that it's all over, but I'm glad to know that the Oakland Zoo will always be there for me to visit, and perhaps someday volunteer again. If you are in the area and have never been to the zoo, or haven't been in a while, I couldn't recommend it more. An amazing place to see some amazing animals, who have amazing keepers who care tremendously about each and every individual creature.

For now, I'd like to recommend a perusal of the Oakland Zoo's Flickr photostream, which features some truly gorgeous shots of almost every species on exhibit at the zoo. Give it a look! Below are just a few of my favorite shots.

White Handed Gibbon

Malaysian Flying Fox


upon arrival


  1. I know you're very sad that your internship is over. You loved the zoo, and I'm constantly amazed at your capacity for all animals, great and small. You singlehandedly gave me a new appreciation for hyenas (even though I always thought that they were pretty cool, if not a bit scary).

    Have you ever thought about going back to school to be a vet tech? I don't know much about the field, but couldn't you work with zoo animals eventually? Then you'd be doing what I do for people! And we could discuss it over tea with badgers and screaming toddlers!

  2. Sampling of my favorite animals! The walaroo with the piece of bread is so cute!

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